" The biggest mistake people make when traveling is taking a vacation from exercise "

Frequent travel for work or vacations can make it harder to stick with a weight loss plan. Travel involves stress and fatigue, and it's sometimes a challenge to find healthy food when you're hopping between airports, airplanes, taxis and hotels.

I know when I'm "on the road," I tend to be less disciplined and more prone to making poor decisions. If I'm at a conference or event, it's just easier to grab a premade sandwich rather than seeking out something healthy. And having a few drinks with colleagues seems more appealing after a day of meetings than going for a jog in an unfamiliar city.

But part of being a Food Lover is training yourself to "think thin," and that means being prepared for the challenges you'll encounter when traveling. Here are my tips to stay focused on your goals while on the go:

1. Make room in your bags for healthy snacks. It's not always convenient to shop for snacks when you get to your destination, and it's not always easy to find healthy snacks you like, so the best insurance is to arrive with snacks in-hand.

2. Prioritize sleep. When you're away from home, be careful not to stray too far off your usual sleep schedule. If you're changing time zones, take the first night "off" to adjust your internal clock.

3. Schedule in exercise. The biggest mistake people make when traveling is taking a vacation from exercise. Don't give yourself that option. Good habits are easy to break and bad habits are easy to make. Schedule a specific time each day to get some exercise.

4. Pack your workout clothes. There's nothing worse than checking into a hotel or resort that has a nice gym and realizing you forgot your sneakers!

5. Bring some fitness magazines with you. Fitness magazines are a great source for equipment-free exercises you can do in your hotel room. They also are a great reminder to "just do it."

6. Drink your water. Travel involves a lot of running around, and you can get dehydrated easily, especially if you're flying. It's a smart idea to bring your favorite water bottle with you so that you'll always have water on hand.