Just as different types of Fats and carbohydrates are processed by your body in different ways, the food sources your calories come from play a big role in whether or not the calories will help you to lose weight and burn Fat. When it comes to making the calories you eat work FOR your Fat Loss rather than against it, the key is eating a nutritionally balanced variety of foods that will provide your body with the fuel it needs to power your metabolism to peak efficiency.

Fortunately, you are already an expert in this regard because you know how to make Food Lovers Fat Loss Plate, which provides “automatic calorie management.”

By making meals and snacks in the perfect combinations and proportions of the Fat Loss Plate, you are automatically controlling both the total amount of calories and the types of calories you eat. And you are automatically getting the right balance of Protein, Fat, Slow Carbs and Fast Carbs to optimize blood sugar levels and maintain Fat Burning lean muscle tissue.

That’s all there is to it. Just keep eating Fat Loss Meals and Snacks, be mindful of where your calories come from, and the Fat will drop off. No calorie counting required!