Think you don’t have enough time to squeeze in a “real” workout? Think again. Here’s a great fat-blasting workout you can do in less than 10 minutes! By using multiple body parts on each movement in this routine, you will dramatically increase the fat burning benefits in a fraction of the time.

Please note that this routine may not be for everyone. As always, check with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough for exercise, and be careful not to push yourself beyond your limits. Don’t worry if you can only do a few reps of each exercise at first. After a couple weeks of practice, you will become stronger and be able to do more.

Squat & press: 2 sets
Standing with feet slightly wider than your hips, hold a pair of dumbbells near your shoulders with your palms facing forward. Keeping your back straight, bend your knees and lower your buttocks until you are in a squatting position (be careful NOT to squat any lower than you are comfortable with). Straighten back up to a standing position while simultaneously pressing the dumbbells directly over your head. Do as many repetitions as you comfortably can.

Tips for beginners: When you’re first starting out, it might help to do the two parts of this exercise separately. Start out by placing your hands on your hips for balance to do the squats, then follow up with a set of dumbbell presses. And be sure to choose a dumbbell weight you are comfortable with, whether that’s one pound, three pounds, five pounds or more.

Pushups: 2 sets
Position yourself parallel to the floor, with your arms extended and balancing on your hands and toes. Keeping your body straight, lower your chest toward the floor, then push yourself back up to the start position with your arms almost fully extended. Do as many repetitions as you comfortably can.

Tips for beginners: When you’re first starting out, it might help to do “knee” pushups. They work just like traditional pushups, but instead of balancing on your toes, balance on your knees.

Step ups with knee lifts: 1 set
Place a stable, flat chair or step stool in front of you. Make sure it’s not too high to comfortably step up onto. Mimicking a running stance, step up on the stool with your right leg while simultaneously raising your left knee as high as you can (you can place your hands on your hips for balance, if you like). Reverse the motion so that your left foot hits the floor first. Do as many reps as you can with your right leg, then switch the left leg.

Tips for beginners: If this exercise is too challenging at first, skip the step ups and just do the knee lift portion while standing on the floor. It’s still a great exercise, and you can try adding the step ups in after a couple weeks.

Rock Climbing: 2 sets
In a pushup position with your arms straight, raise your left knee in toward your chest. Return to the start position and repeat with the right knee. Do as many repetitions as you comfortably can.